Foreign Affairs Minister leads event "Implementation of the BBNJ Agreement: Chile and Valparaiso as BBNJ Secretariat Headquarters" in Costa Rica

June 08th, 2024

The Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alberto van Klaveren, led the event "Implementation of the BBNJ Agreement: Chile and Valparaiso as the Seat of the BBNJ Secretariat" in the framework of the High Level Event on Ocean Action: "Immersed in Change", held in San José, Costa Rica.

On the occasion, the Minister highlighted the centrality of maritime affairs in Chilean foreign policy, emphasizing that our country seeks to make Valparaiso the world headquarters of the treaty.

"Chile has offered to host this Secretariat to contribute to its rapid implementation. This proposal is in line with our foreign policy, which prioritizes oceanic issues," the Minister commented, highlighting that the BBNJ Agreement is aligned with the country's national priorities and received unanimous support in Congress, located in Valparaiso, when it was voted on.

"Chile has a long history of contributing to international maritime law, including negotiations of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and promoting the 200 nautical mile principle," the authority declared.